• Hayley Gibson

Make your brand mum’s number one choice

Millennial Mum’s have significant buying power; responsible for more than 80% of consumer spending, brands need to stop falling short of expectations if they want mums to remain loyal to their brand.  

Stay focused

Restricting your research to brand-centric studies and generic insights means you can never truly determine what mums want and care about. Brands need to put themselves in mum’s shoes if they want to be able to resonate with these powerful and influential consumers. Without the relevant contextual knowledge, brands risk basing their marketing on assumptions that have no personal or emotional connection to mums.

How does pricing affect their decision?

There are two ways we can look at pricing. The first is deals – brands that promote regular savings on products will not only attract mums but keep them coming back. This would benefit brands trying to increase their customer loyalty.

The second is cost - mums don’t necessarily go for the cheapest option, especially when it involves the baby’s comfort or personal development. In fact, a recent survey shows that 67% of parents buy the same product even if the price increases. Similarly, 91% will opt for products they have traditionally bought as they trust the brand quality. This relates to brands that have indications of loyalty with mums, however they need to connect with mums on all levels in order to retain brand loyalty.

Get on board with social media

When it comes to purchasing decisions, mums want the best for their children and waste no time thoroughly researching what’s out there. They are also heavily influenced by recommendations from other mums, often sought out on social media and parenting sites. This indicates that social media is a tool mums genuinely rely on. Connecting with mums online will give them a better perception of your brand. This, however, needs to be more than just simply a presence – brands need to recognise the pressures faced by motherhood and respond to them in an understanding and transparent way.

Retaining brand loyalty

Following these tips will get you well on the way to becoming mum’s regular choice of brand:

- Be genuine. To bridge the gap between brand perception and consumer reality, brands need to build trust with mums and illustrate their authenticity, focusing on what matters to mums.

- Create adverts that relate to mums. Motherhood is rarely glamorous and adverts should portray a sense of realism to help messages stick. An example could be showing how your product can help in a real-life situation.

- Stick to your roots. It is important for mums that brands stay true to their origins and act with integrity. A report by Saatchi and Saatchi revealed that “mums will remain loyal, no matter what challenges brands face within their market, as long as they have strong, visible guiding principles.”