• Hayley Gibson

Millennials rely on Instagram to make important dining decisions

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Social media has changed the way millennials view restaurants. Their eating habits and dining choices are predominantly determined by what they have seen posted all over Instagram. Nowadays, the number 1 motive for choosing a particular dining venue hinges on their ability to capture an ‘instagrammable’ #foodporn moment.

Sharing with like-minded millennials

It is not unusual to visit a restaurant and witness 90% of millennial diners whipping their phones out when their meal arrives to craft the perfect photo. Alongside a carefully constructed caption and the appropriate filter, the photo is then posted to Instagram and shared with the world. Like-minded foodies on the hunt for great places to eat will search the hashtags #foodporn #food and #foodies to seek out recommended dining venues that suit their tastes and have a trendy Insta-worthy vibe.

Craving new experiences It is common knowledge that millennials have entirely different habits to previous generations. Spending less money on materialistic items, millennials are more interested in seeking experiences. This is no different when it comes to deciding which food joint they should dine at. Research by UK restaurant chain Zizzi claims that millennials spend five full days a year browsing Instagrammed photos of food. As a result, 30% would be less likely to visit a restaurant with a weak Instagram presence. For eateries not on the Insta bandwagon, this lack of social engagement can negatively affect your business.

Becoming Instagram worthy For food joints wanting to transform themselves into an Instagrammable experience, there are many things to consider and good tasting food is not the only priority. Millennials are inspired by diverse surroundings - adding quirky props, bright colours and unique decor will attract millennial diners who require an original background to frame their food. This also gives the restaurant a unique brand identity that customers can recognise as more photos are shared on Instagram. Next is presentation. Plating up food in a creative style is much more attractive to the Insta audience. By enabling strong visuals, this adds to the diner’s overall culinary experience, prompting positive word of mouth through social media.

The Carter restaurant in Sydney is a recent example of a food venue that has built its brand identity to resonate with trendy millennials. With hip hop themed food names and artwork containing hidden messages, the restaurant is an Instagrammer’s dream. Food lovers will soon be able to recognise The Carter’s style from the photos swarming on Instagram. Paying a particular tribute to controversial stars Beyonce and Jay Z, The Carter displays originality and character, something that millennials will not want to miss out on. And that is what why Instagram word of mouth is one of the most essential marketing tools right now.